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Oji Royale: The Future and Past of Headwear Intersect

Over the years, the du-rag has become a staple in men’s fashion due to its functionality and popularity in hip-hop. However, despite the numerous rappers, athletes, and models that have popularized the du-rag in mainstream culture, a stigma is still attached to du-rags, with aficionados calling out culture vultures who have stolen the design for their own luxury brand. To combat this theft of style, Oji Royale is among the finest in premium du-rag’s coming in many colors and styles for both men and women’s hair needs.

Based in Los Angeles, Oji Royale aims to “to address and rectify the misconceptions that attempt to dilute our culture and the countless styles it has influenced.” With features in both GQ, and High Snobiety, you would have to argue in favor of Oji Royale’s mission statement; by taking the concept of a du-rag and elevating it to luxurious fashion, Oji Royale has created a niche in men’s and women’s fashion. Undeterred by imitators, Oji has expanded its initial line of du-rags to include bonnets and apparel.

But why Oji Royale? Many brands offer du-rags of all shapes, colors, sizes and styles, but what sets Oji Royale from the competition? To begin with, the outer layers are made of a premium velour material evoking a sense of opulence and royalty (hence the Royale in Oji Royale); the inner lining is made with silk, giving it practical usage and allowing it a functionality not present in many du-rag brands that claim to be as fashion-forward as Oji Royale.

As a brand featured on NUBA, it goes without saying the company is black-owned

As the proud owner of many du-rags, I can safely say du-rags can elevate an outfit when utilized correctly, and as a proud owner of an Oji Royale, I can guarantee Oji Royale looks good on just about anyone. So, if you are looking to add a durag to your collection, begin your collection, or if your barber has yet to begin house calls to cut your hair, Oji Royale is for you.

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