#IAM is the first of many NUBA Tv video segments dedicated to introducing Black Creators and Entrepreneurs to the world. This particular segment serves as a 1:1 interview where Creators are asked a series of questions that encourage self-reflection, identity awareness, and affirming the power that Creators hold in influencing the world around us. We know Creators for their work, but do we really know who they are in raw form? This series focuses mostly on the Creator, to affirm that Creators are much more than the work they produce.

Want to be featured? Fill out the form below and upload a video submission and we'll get back to you!


Must live in Los Angeles or have the means to travel to Los Angeles for filming.

Must have bodies of work to show.

Must be comfortable being on camera and speaking on camera.

Must be active on Instagram.

video submission requirements

The #IAM series is all about changing the public's perception of Creators by highlighting character, personality, and the mind behind the art. In the video submissions we are looking for Creators who are unique, know how to captivate an audience, and are authentic in the way they present themselves. This is your chance to show the world who you are inside

Requirements: (Answer all of the following in this exact order in your video)

1. What is your Creator name?

2. What city/state are you based in?

3. How old are you?

4. What do you create?

5. What inspires you to create?

6. Why do you create?

7. What has been the most difficult life event you have experienced so far?

8. If you could ask your future self any question, what would you ask?

9. What does your dream world look like?

10. Who are you when no one is watching?


  • Video must be filmed horizontally 

  • Video may be filmed on a smartphone (no professional camera needed)

  • Video must be no longer than 2 mins long

  • The camera should be focused on you (selfie style)

  • Video must be filmed someplace quiet with no distracting background noise 

  • Video must be filmed against a non-distracting background such as a white wall

  • Your voice must be heard clearly, so please project and annunciate !

  • Video must be clear (no blurry cameras!)

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